Pepper and Me


All of our pastes, rubs, grinds, salt blends and Mother Dukkah have now been tested and confirmed gluten free and suitable for celiacs! A big win for us. These products are also Vegan, Palm oil free and MSG free. 

Our Crumb products (the Lemon and Herb crumb, and The Mother Dukkah crumb) are made with standard panko crumbs and are not Gluten free items. 

Our Wok sauce (Rock out with your wok out) is a soy sauce base, so not suitable for celiacs. It also contains Oyster sauce, so is our only product that is not vegan. 

Most products are nut free except The Mother Dukkah, Moroccan Dukkah Crumb and Sweet Mother Dukkah.  However, due to the production process, these may contain traces of nuts.

Most of our products DO contain large amounts of the following allergens: onion, garlic, sesame, cinnamon, paprika, tomato, ginger and citrus.  If you do have issues with these allergen foods, please contact us to discuss further.

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