Punk Baby

Do you ever think you’ve bought a cool top for your kids from a big brand shop only to walk down the street and see every second other kid wearing the same thing?
Have you ever walked into a shop, looked over the racks of Dora the explorer, pink fluff and a couple of boys tee shirts with trucks on them and just thought…. meh…..?
Me too! That is exactly what prompted Punk Baby in the first place.
Frustrated by my own attempts to shop for my new baby boy and not being able to find anything remotely cool, I started making his clothes myself – I was stopped so often and asked where his clothing came from that the next natural step led to me creating Punk Baby.

Punk Baby is all about letting kids be individuals, standing out in a crowd and expressing themselves through funky fashions that are made in limited numbers to ensure your kiddies will be setting the trend, not following it.

My name is Katie, I hide in the pantry to eat chocolate so my kids can’t find me!
I am Mum to Jeremiah ‘Jem’ – who thinks that “dessert” is called “Berserk” and I don’t have the heart to correct him because BERSERK sounds so much more awesome and exciting! –  and Knox who can bust a move that puts Channing Tatum to shame.

We are a family run business located in New Zealand, and we ship worldwide. All prices in our online shop are in New Zealand dollars, and all items are designed by me with your kiddies in mind. Head on over to our online shop and discover your next favourite piece of clothing that your kids will WANT to wear! We’ve got you covered from Newborn to 12 years.

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