Daisys journey with Hip Dysplasia - Part 1, Trusting your instincts

Daisys journey with Hip Dysplasia - Part 1, Trusting your instincts

Trust your instincts 

I knew something wasn't right with Daisy from a couple of weeks old. She wasn't moving her left leg the same as her right. I kept bringing it up with the Midwives, Plunket and GP and they all said she seemed fine as it wasn't clicky. 

I took her to the osteopath 4 or 5 times and while that helped it didn't fix it, and I stopped going as we couldn't afford the $85 session price. 

At her 5 month Plunket visit I asked about them again as she had also developed uneven creases. She said she wasn't sure that there was an issue but to get her seen by the GP. I booked an appointment with our usual GP and she checked Daisy over and she agreed that they weren't perfect but again wasn't sure there was actually anything wrong. I asked her to please refer us anyway for peace of mind, I'm glad I did! 

We got the appointment in the mail for the 14th of November, which was her 7 month birthday. Because everyone had said there shouldn't be anything to worry about I told Shaun that he didn't need to come and I would just go down with mum. So we headed down nice and early to do some jobs before her appointment. 

At 1.40pm I headed into her appointment and as soon as the surgeon pulled up her X-ray I could tell something was quite wrong. Her hips weren't symmetrical and one of the bones looked funny. The surgeon explained that Daisy had hip dysplasia and that she needed surgery ASAP. She checked her over physically and actually pointed out that one leg was shorter than the other because of where the bone is sitting. Within 10 minutes I was signing pre admission paperwork for Daisy to go under general anesthetic and have a closed reduction and be fitted with a Spica cast. Her treatment from then on will depend on how well the operation goes. But could be ongoing if the ball joint doesn't develop properly.  

Our original surgery date was set for Friday 25th November 

After we had done all the paperwork I headed back down to the cafe to meet Mum and Harper and let them know what is happening. We headed straight back to the car to head home as I had a market to attend that night. On the way home I called Shaun and let him know what was happening as well as making arrangements for the surgery and letting people know what was going on. 

I came home and headed straight out to the market. I finally got to see Shaun at 9pm and properly explain what was happening. Safe to say he wished he'd come down with us! 

I spent a couple of hours doing some research to figure out what was going on. 

The next morning I got a call from the hospital saying that she couldn't have her surgery on the 25th as they couldnt find a peadatric anethatist available that day. They advised that they would call me back when they found a new date but wanted her operated on ASAP. At this point, 10pm 16th November, we still don't have a date. As much as I am not looking forward to seeing my baby go under and be in pain, or the massive adjustment afterwards, I am so glad that we are getting it sorted before it got so much worse!

I have struggled with not knowing the date and being able to organise everything, so I have been focusing on getting as much information as possible and preparing for what we will need when she gets home. I am also trying to get some funds together to pay for suitable clothing and other bits and pieces she will need to make life more comfortable in the cast.

I have been so privileged to have so many customers reach out to offer advice and support! Customers offering to help with the kids and the shop, it honestly means so much. One customer even popped over with food to share her sons hip journey with us. Thanks so much Enya! I am so pleased that I have you all.

Also a MASSIVE thank you to Mum (commonly known as Neena), Shauns Dad and his wife, Hana and Alisha. You have all been so incredible and I know you will continue to catch me when I start to fall. Plus our other friends and family that have offered to help support us in many ways. 

So this serves as a reminder to trust your parental instincts and push for more thorough examination when needed! 

I will keep you updated as our journey progresses and I really hope that sharing it can help other families going through it feel less alone. I also want Daisy to be able to look back on this and see how strong she is. 

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